Get Involved
I realized, that one of the best ways I can get involved politically is to write my paper online to their congressional representative. This has been and old and time tested piece of advice that has resounded through the ages. By writing a letter to your congressional representative, you are actively participating in political issues. For instance, if you want a better ecological program in the educational system in your town, you should express your concerns in a letter. By sending your letter to you congressional representative, you are notifying them of your concerns and issues. Therefore, the more people you can get to write a letter or sign a petition, the better your chances will be for getting a response.

Stay Focused And Write A Letter
The goal of writing a letter to your congressional representative is to get involved and demonstrate your care for important issues. Moreover, if you do not speak up about disconcerting issues, then how will your congressional representative know there is an issue? You cannot bank on the idea that your congressional representative already knows of the issue. It is up to you to inform your leaders of problems and concerns.

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