After the experimental evaluation then you know in a thesis you made another chapter in here which says whatever basic techniques or things are just using this technique that you want to explain it so that others understand the thesis as one document the paper that it’s not that often the case then you start with the approach and the approach is a variable for describing with up to whatever six words what makes your methods special what’s the key thing that you’re trying trying to communicate then you present your experimental evaluation the conclusion together with now look and then the literature that you cited so this in the end is just kind of the citations the references to the existing techniques that you’re doing. Read more about conclusion and evaluation onĀ Edusson.

And in order to give you a concrete example what I want who knows there’s one paper which is a very old paper it’s actually older than my research time in research actually started but it’s one of the papers which is extreme all in very early paper but it is from the robotics perspective but it does all these points extremely well and so it’s if you read the paper saying this is a really really nice work it’s sometimes worse going back and trying to analyze the structure of this work in order to identify what the authors need in order to make it a good work so it’s a good representative for a paper that is of high quality and which addresses a lot of the aspects that have actually shown here and just have some screenshots from the paper in order to try to illustrate what I have said here with more concrete examples ok so the abstract if you can this is the abstract of the paper and what the abstract should do what we had said before we should write one statement about the problem in general and the why we should tell what this paper is about so what are we addressing we describe how we actually solve a problem.

It is sketch it with one sentence emphasize what it’s near what is better and say what what’s the impact of that so why is this approach extending the is better than what we’ve done before ok so the first statement writes something about the problem in general it’s actually the first sentence of this paper over here so which said that in this case autonomous mobile robots need very reliable navigation capabilities in order to operate unattended for long periods of time so the problem is done it is navigation the problem is autonomy so unattended over long periods of time and reliability so these are the things that we are going to address the the important keywords in this abstract and then the paper tells what the paper is about the paper reports on first results of research program that uses partially observable Markov models to rob busty tract robots localization in office environment and to direct its goal-oriented actions.

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