One great idea for people to do is to take a friend along to a city council meeting. People should ask a good friend to come with them to a meeting so that they can learn about how their city operates behind the scenes. It is important to begin to learn about politics by seeing how things work at a local level. When you live in a city, the city council plays a big role in your life. For example, city ordinances and budgets really impact how a city is run. The city council has a lot of power and they can impact small businesses and others in the community. Politics can be very messy and for people to understand the political process, they need to get up close and personal and see how things are done. It is a good idea to bring a notebook and take notes about the items that are discussed.

By bringing a friend, it is easy to discuss the events that took place after the meeting has ended. People need to play a bigger role in the political process or else their wishes will not be respected. By learning about how a city council works, people can become more active in their community and become more involved in helping others to understand how politics impacts their lives. This can lead to community action programs that help communities rise up and have more prosperity in the future.

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