Once you have become aware of how the government is working on a practical level, as opposed to the theory of how it should work, you may wonder what you can do to improve things. Many ponder if they should even make the attempt. Questions, such as, how can I know for certain which side to take on an issue or can I even make a difference, may plague you? 
The easiest way to make a difference politically is to get involved at your local level. The issues are easier to understand and you’ ll have a louder voice for expressing your opinions. Start by reading up on local issues; then, follow up by attending town hall, council or commissioner’s meets. Vote in every election; but first, take every available opportunity to meet your local representatives and candidates. Question their positions and let them know they have to win your vote.
How will you know which party or position to back? Educate yourself and then just take a stand. Yes, you may back the wrong side or the wrong candidate. However, if you discover that is the case, you’ll know better next time. You can’t learn if you won’t chance making mistakes

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