Oftentimes they will ask you to write an opinion based essay so this is something I’m going to to walk you through Valerie’s here hey Valerie and obviously this is this will work for for native English speakers as well right but what we’re focusing on today really is more the the what I consider the exam essay kind of the shorter five hundred to a thousand word essays okay so this is what we’re looking at today so I know this is I’m not sure why I put this in here maybe this is how people feel about writing opinion based writing but hopefully I can fix that for you okay so here we go a pin the opinion based essay the opinion based essay also known as the persuasive essay also known as the argumentative essay okay and roses I’ve just one step ahead of rows of there so she’s asking the same question.

So basically speaking yes a persuasive and argumentative type discursive essay is is opinion basis really ne ne sa that’s based on opinion can be in this kind of broad category okay even the agree disagree kind of essays is opinion okay so yes Rosen absolutely in the opinion based essay you will have some kind of controversial topic controversial meaning many people have different opinions about it many many people disagree on this topic this issue and you have to present your opinion okay and then you have to defend and develop your argument with reasons and details so you have to say this is my opinion and this is why not exactly like that but that’s the basic premises here’s my opinion and here are my reasons for my opinion and details can be anything from examples and whatnot research for example okay so this is the basic idea of an opinion based essay now before you just jump into it and start writing okay you have to think about some things first oftentimes especially on a test a student will get the essay question and they will jump right in and just start writing but you have to slow it down.

Take a breath maybe do some do some yoga moves or something whatever you have to do and think about a few things first okay so what you have to consider is is that where is that name Thoth is kind of like t OTE how’d it how do I say that name you like the program good I’m glad thanks for thanks for joining alright so you have to think about the purpose what is the purpose of the essay right and what are your goals when you’re writing the essay now it’s not exactly the same thing or it’s they’re connected but let’s look at these two things what is the purpose and what are your goals okay now the first question that this guy has is what is the purpose which sounds really deep but we’re just talking about.

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