The first paragraph is you know the experts you know so this sort of I think about a lot of writing it’s like you just start with emulating and following somebody else’s example and then through that you can find your own voice well we have ten minutes left I’ll skip this I really wanted to get people’s feedback on because I said and I was thinking what is a conclusion like what exactly is a conclusion and this is the second month our conclusion is a statement the statement admission includes an assertion that the thesis hasn’t demonstrated through the artist violence and that’s hurt me a long time.

But I don’t think it’s really perfect I think the problem the problem I see with that is that if that’s true and it doesn’t mean be there right if the thesis has been demonstrated and yeah this is the officer public mystery novel a joke that retells the jokes that are given punchline yeah the only time I’m going to get through the writing program the only time I ever really appreciate conclusion of their life first I did this then I did this then I did business proves this the only time that’s helpful is if they didn’t actually do it is that let me make constructive feedback but if they actually had an argument and it can be helpful by doesn’t need to just synthesized and then also like answer why why that is important it’s more like a conclusion for like an assertion of like and this is why I prefer well we still have we set a few minutes and what I want to do is take down what everything what are just final thoughts if you did anyone do the assignment else could you would you like to share what you and I showed one mom.

You don’t have to share everything you wrote but what is perhaps another well the paper that I was thinking of involved I needed involve contemporary news things were late from within the last 10 years of the events that happened in India and so I was trying to find all these train fight articles and he need write and and the frustration with oh well these newspapers didn’t start putting articles online until a few years after that you know and so those kinds of things and I was able to interview people for that right and so so that if you’re using interviews and writing a paper that’s another level of things I think I think a key thing goes back to what Jordan said about like finding as you go along I think your argument you’re learning that oh this is more complex or these other therapists other things that I have to address within it and so for me my problems always I go up unlike some tangent of like oh wait I need to have a little paragraph about this topic but then I get all into that.

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