Getting a Democrat and a Republican to actually agree on a hot issue is practically impossible. With very few exceptions, Democrats and Republicans always take opposite sides. Agreeing on the importance of solving hot issues is not a problem. The approach to the issue and how to solve it is almost always the source of disagreement. While our Founding Fathers may have encouraged debate, they would be appalled by the bitter in-fighting and lack of accomplishment by opposing political groups.

If you never noticed, everyone has an agenda when it comes to a political issue. Conservatives stick strictly to the party line for fear of upsetting their constituency. Name a conservative and you will find they are pro-life, for the death penalty, in favor of lower taxes and against environmental projects that may impact business. The more liberal Democratic Party is just as guilty as their Republican, more conservative counterparts.

Besides trying to cater to their constituencies wishes, support or rejection of a particular policy almost always comes down to money. The attitude of many politicians, whether they admit it or not, is to support a Bill that will put money in their pockets and those of their constituents. It is not really about the issue itself. Everyone wants to be recognized as “the winner” on hot issues.

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