Hi there. I’m Dylan Russel, the guy responsible for TeenGov. I’m a Fortune 500 refugee, now happily entrenched as a university administrator in the Pacifc Northwest of the United States. I’ve got a B.A. in  Psychology and an MBA. I also claim two boys and a wife. (order of importance of all these things is reversed, of course. Love you, babe.) . I keep TeenGov going mainly because it’s a good opportunity for responsible parenthood 🙂  . Since starting the blog, an unintended consequence has been that I’ve made some really great acquaintances with other education bloggers. That’s pretty cool.

Teen Gov is dedicated to actively encouraging our nation’s young people to get involved in the political process and keep up with political issues. We believe a large part of today’s political apathy in the US can be attributed to a generation of young adults growing up without proper emphasis on the importance of real world pressing issues. The only way to counteract unprecedented levels of apathy is to start young. We strive to not only educate teens in the political process but help them recognize their voice as American citizens.